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The Case For Legalizing Weed

Legalizing Weed
The Case For Legalizing Weed

Legalizing weed is something that most politicians are too stubborn to do. All you hear about is needing more research. Not many of them want to admit that the war on pot needs to be over. The majority of American citizens want pot legalized, but the brilliant group of people that are making the laws just won’t do it. They don’t have enough information to legalize weed.

I guess none of them have ever tried it. You’d have to be a complete hypocrite to smoke weed, become successful, and then say people should be charged for possession, distribution or consumption of cannabis. For anyone who knows nothing about marijuana, here is the truth.

The Sky Is Not Falling…Or is it?

We have legal weed for recreational and/or medical purposes in many states. We have illegal weed everywhere. The news is filled with disaster, but not because of marijuana. Most things reported about marijuana seem positive, not negative.

We have a lot of problems in our society, and most of these problems are not being addressed properly. Division is the biggest problem. We are divided into different classes, races, political groups, age groups, etc. Controversial topics and events split us in half every time and pit us against each other. People argue on social media about everything. We are always in someone’s business other than our own.

There is no trust between the people and the police. When the cops are mandated to enforce laws that people don’t agree with, there will be problems. Drug laws often seem to lead to profiling as well. This is just dividing the country even further.

If we worried about ourselves more and others less, we’d all be a lot better off. Let people get high. It’s an adult decision and really doesn’t concern you. Make the world a better place by minding your own business, and not just about weed.

Doing What’s Right

Full access to medical marijuana should be available to everyone. Denying medicine to those who need it is simply evil, especially for monetary gain. Nature has provided us with many natural cures. We should not be banning those natural substances so that pharmaceutical companies can get rich off of their drugs.

Legalization would also help keep weed out of kid’s hands. A drug dealer does not care who is buying drugs from him as long as it’s not a cop. A legitimate business person will not risk losing everything. If you let all these low level weed dealers go legit, they’d be viewed as productive members of society, not criminals.

Marijuana and hemp can both be used for so many things, they could be more of a boost to the economy than most people realize. The main emphasis is always on getting high, but you have a renewable resource here that can be used to make many different kinds of products, even fuel. This makes you wonder how they ever got away with the prohibition of hemp. The whole thing is idiotic and the people just allowed it to happen.

It is completely immoral to ban any beneficial plant. If people could just get past the “getting stoned” aspect, we could move forward and pretend it was never a controlled substance.

Let’s Make Some Money

Legalizing weed will create businesses. These businesses will make money and pay taxes. People will be employed by these businesses. This will create more tax revenue and reduce government assistance claims. People will be buying marijuana. This will bring in sales tax and other taxes.

Once legal, we can really get innovative as far as different materials to be made from the cannabis plant. We now know that we can make fuel and building materials with it. The use of fossil fuels will be cut down and more trees will stay standing. This could also mean a lot of jobs and tax revenue.

All this tax money could be used for a lot of good, such as putting much needed money into the schools. We can put more police into the real crime areas, and better train them so they treat everyone fairly and with respect.

The Effect Of Prohibition

Nobody turns down pot because it’s illegal. You have to be seriously delusional if you think the law has much of an impact on people’s actions. Most choices are made based on what you believe is right or wrong. People who don’t use drugs don’t want to. It doesn’t matter what the law says. Legalizing weed will not cause people to smoke weed. It will just allow us to do it legally.

Instead of promoting a more responsible way to get high, we have made it illegal. Marijuana is the safest recreational drug. Everyone knows that, even if they won’t admit it. Marijuana is also real medicine.

We have made criminals out of many good people. That is the effect of prohibition. No good has come from it, and no good will ever come from it.

Taking It Further

Since prohibition of drugs is not working, why not legalize all drugs and work on helping addicts instead of punishing them? Let’s stop judging people and treating them poorly. Look to your fellow man with a kind heart, for we all have problems in life. We should all be treated fairly.

What Can Be Done?

Vote and raise hell. We all talk about legalization in our groups, but does anyone go to town hall and suggest a change? If municipalities across the country started passing ordinances to eliminate all penalties for marijuana, the state and federal governments would be forced to play along. Get organized and be heard.

Help spread the word, especially to people who believe pot should be illegal. Legalizing weed is long overdue. Let’s finally reap all the benefits of the cannabis plant.

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Updated: December 21, 2016 — 3:03 am

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