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Cool Glass Bongs

china glass ming water bong

Cool Glass Bongs If you’re in the market for a new piece, take a look at our list of cool glass bongs. We will be updating this list periodically to add more items, and to remove discontinued items. All links in this article are affiliate links, which we get paid from if an order is […]

Incredibowl i420

incredibowl i420

Incredibowl i420 This is one incredible bowl. It is almost indestructible. It took a long time for the creators to design the Incredibowl. It has won two Cannabis Cups. There is a lot of science that went into the Incredibowl. It was necessary to find the best cooling and filtration system, yet make it extremely […]

UFO Pipe

ufo pipe

UFO Pipe – This pipe is great for show and OK for smoking. It’s a UFO so it’s awesome looking. You can even spin it! It’s also easily hidden out in the open. As for smoking, it would be nice if it was glass. Nevertheless, it definitely gets the job done. It will give you […]

Bake And Wake Coffee Cup

bake and wake coffee cup

Bake And Wake Coffee Cup – It’s a match made in heaven. Now you can have you morning bowl and coffee in one rather convenient package. Of course, this product is intended for tobacco use only. Nobody reading this would ever think of putting anything else in it, I’m sure. Whatever you’re packing in it, […]

Water Puff

Water Puff

Water Puff – Instant Portable Water Pipe – With the Water Puff, you can turn most plastic or glass bottles into a fully functioning water pipe. This tool is extremely useful when on the go. When you’re done, you just throw the bottle away. Two things to keep in mind with the Water Puff. First, […]

Waterless Gravity Bong

waterless gravity pipe

Waterless Gravity Bong You’ll never be the same after hitting a waterless gravity bong. The Bukket Pipe has been around since 2001 and is still the best gravity pipe on the market. Simple operation without the mess of most gravity bongs is what makes The Bukket Pipe stand out from the rest. Bong water can […]

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